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Why Skin Ages

Skin ages due to the combination of Intrinsic Factors and Environmental Factors. INTRINSIC FACTORS are under the control of our genetic background or DNA. Intrinsic aging is observed in areas of our body that are protected from solar light.

Environmental Factors

ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS include solar radiations, pollution, smoking, lifestyle, tanning equipment, and heat. These can dramatically change skin appearance. In fact, environmental factors produce the most significant changes in skin appearance and its health. This is not surprising as the skin is by far the largest organ in the human body and the only organ that is exposed to the environment 24/7.

Premature Aging

Skin aging and PREMATURE AGING (when your skin looks older than would be anticipated by your chronological age) affect all the layers of our skin: epidermis, dermis and hypodermis.


At FlawlessCanvas, we believe healthy skin is ageless. Our approach to skincare product design is deeply rooted in skin function and science and in the selection of breakthrough innovations that are clinically proven to improve the appearance of all skin types.

Reset Serum

“Skin aging is a complex process which cannot be addressed by a single magic bullet and requires efficacious blends of active ingredients “. Vicky Vega, PhD


Years of research and clinical experience culminated in the creation of Quantum Lift's D-aged technology™. A perfectly balanced unique blend of breakthrough ingredients designed to reset our skin to a youthful appearance.

Quantum Lift™ Reset Serum
Quantum Lift™ Reset Serum
Quantum Lift™ Reset Serum
Quantum Lift™ Reset Serum
Quantum Lift™ Reset Serum
Quantum Lift™ Reset Serum

Quantum Lift™ Reset Serum


Years of research and clinical experience culminated in the creation of this lightweight fast-absorbing multifunctional serum.

FOR ALL SKIN TYPES          Net weight: 30 ml/1.0 FL OZ         TSA friendly

Quantum Lift Science Obsession 

FlawlessCanvas Quantum Lift™ Reset Serum™ was scientifically designed to reset our skin to a youthful complexion. Powered by Quantum Lift™ D-aged™ technology, a perfectly balanced unique blend of breakthrough ingredients that improves the appearance of aged skin by:

  • Supporting the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture while reducing irritation and re-energizing the skin.
  • Resetting and rebalancing skin health, improving the appearance of firmer and more elastic skin.


Success reported by early (Alpha Trial) users of Quantum-Lift Reset Serum includes:

Alpha Trial Analytical Report

75% of the subjects reported plumper, firmer and more elastic skin after 1-3 months of using Quantum-Lift Reset Serum!

50 year old Alpha Trial User

After 30 days of use, Previously used well known product in market

“What caught me by surprise has been the number of unsolicited compliments I've received since using the product. I'm told my coloring has improved and that I have a glow. I have never had anyone compliment my skin before, so I will attribute this to my use of the product.”

Alpha Trial Analytical Report

Flawless Canvas

87.5% of alpha trial users of the product would recommend it to friends and roughly half of these recommenders declared it the “best product of its kind”.

48 year-old Alpha Trial User

After 60 days of use

“This product makes my skin look brighter and younger. Skin tone is more even than it has ever been in a long time. I have redness problem and my skin appeared less red while I used this product.”

Alpha Trial Analytical Report

Every alpha trial user of the product reported improvement in at least one of the leading areas of concern they had about their skin, and two-thirds reported improvement in more than one of the key areas.

65 year-old Alpha Trial User

After 7 days of use

The product was easy to use and made an immediate improvement in the way my skin looked and felt.

Our Team

In the words of our Founder:

In addition to science and skincare, many of us at FlawlessCanvas love hiking. There is something about walking through nature in solitude that clears the mind and puts life into perspective.

Five years ago, on a long and quite challenging hike, the need for a company like FlawlessCanvas became clear to me.  And, just like that, as  we were hiking across the continental divide in Colorado, the commitment to FlawlessCanvas was born.

Since then, FlawlessCanvas has become what it was intended to be-a non-traditional skincare company. It is non-traditional in two important ways.  

First, our product design and development are subjected to the high standards of the physician-dispensed market, while our skincare products are also available directly to consumers.

Second, FlawlessCanvas is a company that delivers superior results by relying on biological science and clinically proven technologies.  Thus, we are committed to truthful products, to skincare, to health, and to beauty.  

Everything we do at FlawlessCanvas reflects those commitments.  As a result, our products and our approaches to skin rejuvenation and health are unique and effective.