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We understand what your skin craves for a lifetime of healthy youthful appearance. After all, at FlawlessCanvas we are deeply obsessed with the science behind healthy skin!


FlawlessCanvas multifunctional products are designed to work on real people and in real life. In fact, our products provide visible results from the very first bottle!


We formulate with leading edge active ingredients that are clinically proven to provide superb benefits. We do not compromise the efficacy, comfort or the elegance of our products!


FlawlessCanvas' perfectly complementary skincare line will address your skin' needs as you move forward in life or as your skin' conditions changes

FlawlessCanvas Skincare Trifecta
FlawlessCanvas Skincare Trifecta
FlawlessCanvas Skincare Trifecta
FlawlessCanvas Skincare Trifecta

FlawlessCanvas Skincare Trifecta

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The introduction of our third product, Paradox™ Refining Cream, completes the long-awaited FLAWLESSCANVAS SKINCARE TRIFECTA™. Our Trifecta™ is comprised of the three core products needed to generate your best healthy skin for life: Quantum Lift™ Reset Serum, Free Radicals Scavenger™ Antioxidant Serum,  and Paradox™ Refining Cream 

 FlawlessCanvas skincare Trifecta™ unique and breakthrough skincare products were designed with each other in mind producing a never seen before synergetic benefits. Together, they deliver a luxurious state-of-the-art complete skin rejuvenation.

How to apply our Flawless Skincare Trifecta™ (AM/PM): 

After cleansing the skin,  

1)  apply one pump of Quantum Lift™ Reset Serum to nourish and deeply hydrate the skin, providing a healthy skin base while, with time, makes the skin feel firmer and more elastic.  Then, once fully absorbed, 

2)  proceed to apply one pump of our Paradox™ Refining Cream to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, unwanted skin texture and roughness and uneven pigmentation, and then

3)  apply one pump of  Free Radicals Scavenger™ Antioxidant Serum to protect the skin from the daily assault of free radicals and oxidants responsible for damaging the skin and accelerating skin aging

Follow the FlawlessCanvas skincare Trifecta™ application by your favorite moisturizer and sunscreen. 



Instagram Influencer

I had the extact same experience! I was able to tolerate prescription strength retinol 7 nights a week after 5 years straight off the bat and I wholly put it down to FC!



I had no idea there was such a high percentage of retinal in it. It is so gentle on my skin and never irritated it. I know Quantum of course helps with that too!


Instagram Influencer

Amazing results! I got to try the FREE RADICALS SCAVENGER and thought it was amazing.

DEFINITIVELY saw an improvement in overall skin tone, it really evened me out!


Quantum Lift User

This is so good I gifted to my mom for Christmas and have recommended to all my friends! Thank you!

Alpha Trial, female

Paradox Refining Cream tester

I am amazed and in love with this formula and I can't wait for the masses to experience it! I love that there is NO irritation at all and that can be used on the face, eye area and neck



This gave mea brilliant result while using the trial bottle. Amazing antioxidant serum! I can't wait to grab a bottle.


Instagram Influencer

For me Quantum Lift Reset Serum is one of the main reasons why I am able to tolerate prescription strength retinoid.



I have been using Paradox by FlawlessCanvas and I love it! It is strong but very gentle. My skin is much smoother and more even. Spots are fading and skin is firmer. I have experienced no dryness, peeling or irritation, even when taken down onto my neck and chest. I use it at night, as a second step after Quantum Lift serum, and then follow with Free Radicals Scavenger Serum. When the weather is warm/humid I sometimes don't even need a moisturizer on top, and I wake up with very happy skin


Quantum Lift User

I absolutely love Quantum Lift! Thank you so much for creating this amazing product. My skin barrier is so much stronger now. One fo the best product for skin health IMO.


Instagram Influencer

I recently discovered this Quantum Lift by @flawlesscanvas_skincare and I have been loving it! It's great for reducing inflamation of your skin and evening out your complexion. Best of all, it isn't tested on animals!


Quantum Lift User

It is Quantum Lift from @flawlesscanvas_skincare! It is a great product for barrier support, hydration, and keeping your skin firm/tight! you can feel it as soon as you put it on :)


Instagram Influencer

This @flawlesscanvas_skincare Quantum Lift serum has been another recent PM staple for me. It is lightweight, yet deeply hydrating and soothing. My skin really loves this, especially since I have a cold right now, and my skin is super dehydrated.

Female 50 year old

(30 days)

What caught me by surprise has been the number of unsolicited compliments I've received since using the product.

Female 48 year old (60 days)

This product makes my skin look brighter and younger.

I have redness problem and my skin appeared less red while I used this product.

Consumer Perception Study

Every user reported improvements in at least one of the leading areas of concern they had about their skin.

Two-thirds reported improvements in more than one of these key areas.

The FlawlessCanvas Mission: Your Best Skin For Life!

FlawlessCanvas combines leading expertise in skin biology and product formulation. We only design breakthrough skincare products that are both extremely effective and skin-friendly. Our products address your skin's essential needs, regardless of your age, ethnicity and/or skin conditions.

Our easy-to-follow, life-changing skincare regimen maximizes results and minimizes complexity. A few scientifically-designed, multifunctional FlawlessCanvas products can transform your skin better than a dozen of our competitors' formulations. Together, our products deliver luxurious state-of-the-art unambiguous skin rejuvenation.

Vicky Vega, PhD