Flawless Team

Vicky Vega, PhD

Founder and CEO



 A biochemist by training, Dr. Vega also holds a doctorate in Cellular and Molecular Biology. During her two decades of career in academia, Dr. Vega held a postdoctoral position at Johns Hopkins University and was an Assistant Professor at University of California San Diego. Her research resulted intense peer review communication, book chapters and more than 50 scientific meeting presentations. In 2012, she left academia to pursue a career in the skincare industry. Dr. Vega was the head of SkinMedica Skin Biology Laboratory, where she lead product development and physician education. She was also the Vice President of Research and Development and Physician Education of a skincare startup company in which she developed an entire product portfolio and positioned key proprietary technologies in the physician dispense market. Dr. Vega’s high standards for the pursuit of science-based skincare resulted in the design and development of multiple innovative, award-winning skincare products and market disruptive technologies. In June 2019, Dr. Vega’s passion for transparent and effective skincare led to the creation of FlawlessCanvas, a company that leads with science and thrives with outstanding results and safety. She is one of the biggest supporters of the “skintellectual” movement promoting science based skin care, dedicating a vast amount of her time to educate consumers about skin biology and skincare ingredients.


“Modern life incorporates skincare products as part of our daily wellness routine. Undoubtedly, the benefits of efficacious and well-tolerated skincare are beyond skin deep. We evolve to the best version of ourselves when we love the skin we are in”.

Vicky Vega, PhD


Christy Joiner

Chief Marketing Officer



An economist by training, Ms. Joiner completed the coursework for a Ph.D. in Econometrics at UCSD, where she was a Regents Fellow, and holds a Masters in Economics from Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, IL, where she was president of the business honor society and won awards in three different departments.  Ms. Joiner’s passion for solving real-world problems led her to develop products for many companies over the past two decades.  These products included: the market’s first application fraud system (identity theft product) at HNC Software, now FICO; following 9/11, while founder and CEO of Stone Analytics/ Stics Inc., the first anti-terrorist detection system for the FBI and CIA; and the first integrable predictive analytics modeling system used by casinos to market to their important players.  Ms. Joiner has a reputation for being ahead of the curve.  To give back to the community and to encourage more STEM focus in domestic education, she has for years taught analytics, statistics, and business classes in the evening at local colleges and universities.


“As people continue to live longer and longer, there is an ever-increasing need for products that promote, preserve and protect our health, inside and out.  At the same time, science continues to provide products that make good health ever more attainable.  Truly, good health is beautiful.”



Daniel Shoham, PhD, CPA, MBA

Board of Directors Member




A physicist by training, Dr. Shoham got his doctorate in Applied Mathematics from Temple University at the age of 21. He also holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and London Business School, and he is a certified CPA. Dr. Shoham is a pioneer in artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytic and data analysis. He was a scientist at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, before joining HNC Software (currently FICO). Dr. Shoham was the CEO of AI Angel-backed startup company. In addition, he has consulted for numerous companies in the fields of automobile loans, debt collection and aerial and space imaginitry.


“As AI continues to revolutionize new industries every year, I am enthusiastic to have Flawless Canvas introduce this important technology to the development of skin care products.”