Our Story

In the words of our Founder:  

In addition to science and skincare, many of us at FlawlessCanvas love hiking. There is something about walking through nature in solitude that clears the mind and puts life into perspective.

Five years ago, on a long and quite challenging hike, the need for a company like FlawlessCanvas became clear to me.  After more than a decade developing skincare products for large, well-established companies, it became clear that something else was needed.  On that hike, the commitment to FlawlessCanvas was born.

Since then, FlawlessCanvas has become what it was intended to be--a non-traditional skincare company. It is non-traditional in two important ways.  First, our product design and development are subjected to the high standards of the physician-dispensed market, while our products are also available direct to consumers. 

Second, FlawlessCanvas is a company that delivers superior results by relying on the biological science and clinically proven technologies.  Thus, FlawlessCanvas is committed to truthful products, to skincare, to health, and to beauty.  

Everything we do at FlawlessCanvas reflects those commitments.  As a result, our products and our approaches to skin rejuvenation and health are unique and effective.