Get an Extra $20 off Flawless Duet Orders when You Join the Inner Circle

Get an Extra $20 off Flawless Duet Orders when You Join the Inner Circle

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Get an extra $20 discount ($10 discount for each bottle) on every Duet pair when you  join the FlawlessCanvas Inner Circle. This $20 is above the $10 discount you get for buying the pair of products together in Duet.  Subscription to the Flawless Canvas Inner Circle guarantees you receive the product periodically with maximum savings. Plus, Inner Circle members are on the list for future product tests and samples.  Of course, you can still combine your newly locked in savings with your favorite influencer code.

At FlawlessCanvas, you, our customers, are our priority.  We appreciate every one of you!  We want to show special appreciation for our repeat customers.  Our regular customers have been asking us to provide a convenient way to be sure they did not run out of either the Quantum Lift™ Reset Serum or Free Radicals Scavenger™ Antioxidant Serum product.

In response, FlawlessCanvas is proud to announce our FlawlessCanvas Inner Circle program.  What better time than during the Independence celebration to provide our customers with the ability to set up automatic orders of our products?  By following a few quick steps (see below), you can be free from periodically re-ordering the product.  Our products will arrive according to the plan you desire.

By setting up repeat purchases, you officially join the Inner Circle here at FlawlessCanvas.  In addition, by joining the FlawlessCanvas Inner Circle you are locking an extra $10/bottle savings throughout your planned future orders.  

Not only that, but, by joining the Flawless Canvas Inner Circle, you will be the first to hear about new products, to test and receive samples of products, and to be consulted for feedback about products that are in development at FlawlessCanvas.  

Joining the FlawlessCanvas Inner Circle

To join the FlawlessCanvas Inner Circle, simply choose to order from one of three plans (30, 60, and 90 day Plans) that are designed to fit your use of the product.  Each bottle of our products is confirmed to deliver 120 or more uses of our products.  This means that a single bottle should easily last a three months, if you use it once a day, and two months, if you use it twice a day. 

Your $10 extra savings will be locked in automatically when you complete the ordering process.  Of course, you will only be charged when each bottle is shipped.  Also, you can choose planned ordering for each product separately.  Either or both will bring you all the benefits of the FlawlessCanvas Inner Circle.

Just select the planned order frequency and enter any normal discount codes in the check out screen to lock in your extra savings for being an Inner Circle Member.